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  • Halstead, S.K.; Gourlay, D.S.; Penderis, J.; Bianchi, E.; Dondi, M.; Wessmann, A.; Musteață, Mihai; Le Chevoir, M.; Martinez Anton, L.; Bhatti, S.F.M.; Volk, H.; Mateo, I.; Tipold, A.; Ives, E.; Pakozdy, A.; Gutierrez Quintana, R.; Brocal, J.; Whitehead, Z.; Granger, N.; Pazzi, P.; Harcourt Brown, T.; José López, R.; Rupp, S.; Schenk, H. C.; Smith, P.; Gandini, G.; Menchetti, M.; Mortera Balsa, V.; Rusbridge, C.; Tauro, A.; Cozzi, F.; Deutschland, M.; Tirrito, F.; Freeman, P.; Lowrie, M.; Jackson, M.R.; Willison, H.J.; Rupp, A. (Wiley, 2022-02-11)
    Abstract Objectives A previous single-country pilot study indicated serum anti-GM2 and anti-GA1 anti-glycolipid antibodies as potential biomarkers for acute canine polyradiculoneuritis. This study aims to validate these ...